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Achieving goals with passion



Our beginnings were in England, where John Kerr founded the trading company Fayrefield Foods Ltd in 1982. First, he sold cheese, then he added milk powder, butter and dairy-based liquid products. Development of its own products and brands, as well as customer-focused service, has turned Fayrefield Foods Ltd and its international subsidiaries into a leading supplier of dairy products on the global market since.

We at Fayrefield Foods GmbH continue the English company's history in Germany. We are your experienced sales partner and future-oriented training company. We are active across Europe with regional roots and a strong network.

We are proud of our British roots and milestones:

  1. 14 employees

  2. Our own homepage
    goes live

  3. BRC certification

    2 university students in dual studies

    Turnover of EUR 65 million

  4. VLOG certification

    Certification as a DHBW training company

  5. IFS certification

    Expansion of the office space

  6. Start of the second construction phase

  7. 10 employees

  8. Trading volume grows to 20,000 tonnes

  9. Relocation to Dorfstraße am Lindenpark

    Turnover of approx. EUR 45 million

  10. Organic certification

    Trading volume grows to 15,000 tonnes

    Acquisition of the Am Lindenpark property

    Start of the first construction phase

  11. 4 employees

    Trading volume grows to 10,000 tonnes

    Turnover of EUR 25 million

  12. Dr. Markus Mühlbacher founds Fayrefield Foods GmbH as an independent subsidiary in Wasserburg on Lake Constance

    Contact for dairy products for further processing in the food industry on the European market

    The company moves into its offices at Lindenplatz

  13. John Kerr founds Fayrefield Foods Ltd in Crewe, Cheshire, England 

    Development of a globally active trading company into a leading supplier of dairy products

    Development of own brands and private labels