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Everything from a single source - we are familiar with the requirements of the food industry. Our experience and know-how enable us to offer comprehensive service from purchasing, to storage and transport, to consulting and quality assurance.


Trade is a typical service to us where supply and demand meet. We buy around the world and sell across Europe, always in our own name and for our own account. We offer carefully selected dairy-based raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods, to let you enjoy and process our raw materials and products in the best quality.

Fayrefield Foods, Handel

Fayrefield Foods, Transport


We cooperate with fixed forwarding partners to deliver to our customers or to any external warehouse free of charge. We offer not only full loads, but also partial loads and general cargo transport. We can ship with short reaction times according to IFS logistics. Most of our vehicles meet the highest pollutant standards. State-of-the-art EDP-based supervision software always keeps us up-to-date on the location and status of our goods.


We have controlled ripening warehouses where our goods are subject to regular inspection and sampling to ensure continuously high quality. Our storage capacities are spread across the European Economic Area and balance out peak demands and seasonal fluctuations alike. We strive to be close to our customers and remain flexible at all times. Picking, repacking, sampling and shipping are part of our portfolio as well.

Fayrefield Foods, Lagerung

Fayrefield Foods, Qualitätssicherung

Quality assurance

Our service quality depends on the high level of training and experience of our employees. We work based on certified standards and in cooperation with external consultants. Regular supplier audits and complete documentation, as well as full traceability, ensure the high quality of Fayrefield Foods at all times.


As a modern service provider, we also offer best service in terms of financing. Inventory financing and financing of prepayment transactions are supplemented by deliveries made in customer currencies and foreign currencies, for which we bear the currency risks. We hedge against bad debt risks, provide appropriate payment terms and help finance of partial loads or small quantities.

Fayrefield Foods, Finanzierung

Fayrefield Foods, Sonstige Dienstleistungen

Other services

Our comprehensive service range includes regular market reporting, long-term forecasting, utilisation of inventories and customs handling. As a trend scout, we observe market developments and always track down innovations that let us develop new products.