Fayrefield Foods Käse, Heroshot


Mild, spicy or tart, soft, semi-hard, hard or extra-hard: there is nearly a food that comes close to the many variations of cheese. More than 5,000 varieties around the world bring cheese to everyone's lips and spark pleasure with a vast choice of flavours. Cheese ensures moments of culinary pleasure that flatter the palate, both straight from the loaf and with the right companion food. We passionately continue the British tradition of Fayrefield Foods in Wasserburg, providing the finest cheeses for further processing.


Milk Powder

Fayrefield Foods provides high-quality proteins produced from milk, whey and cheese as powders to be used in the production of foods, ready meals and dietary supplements. Since milk and whey powder outshines fresh milk in terms of shelf life, easy storage and transport, it has become important for a wide variety of industries.


Fayrefield Foods Milchpulver, Heroshot

Fayrefield Foods Butter, Heroshot


Butter is an indispensable ingredient in food production, carrying flavour carrier in cooking and baking alike. It also is a classic bread spread that equally fits with sweet and savoury toppings. It is produced by beating cream into small butter balls that are then processed further into butter. Butter is sold cultured butter, as whey butter or sweet cream butter. We at Fayrefield Foods are happy to advise you on our products.