Achieving goals with passion

Our beginnings were in England, where John Kerr founded the trading company Fayrefield Foods Ltd in 1982. First he sold cheese, then he added milk powder, butter and dairy-based liquid products. Development of its own products and brands, as well as customer-focused service, has turned Fayrefield Foods Ltd and its international subsidiaries into a leading supplier of dairy products on the global market since.

We at Fayrefield Foods GmbH continue the English company's history in Germany. We are your experienced sales partner and future-oriented training company. We are active across Europe with regional roots and a strong network.


We are proud of our British roots and milestones:

  1. John Kerr founds Fayrefield Foods Ltd in Crewe, Cheshire, England
  2. Dr. Markus Mühlbacher founds Fayrefield Foods GmbH as an independent subsidiary in Wasserburg on Lake Constance
  3. Start of construction of own office building, first stage of construction in Wasserburg on Lake Constance – 15,000 tonnes trading volume
  4. Move to the new building in Dorfstrasse at Lindenpark
  5. Start of the second construction phase
  6. Certification as a DHBW training company
  7. Go-live of our own website
  8. Restructuring/conversion of the office building


We practice what we preach, with conviction and responsibility.

Customer satisfaction & Loyality

Our customers' satisfaction takes the highest priority for us. Since it is an essential factor for our company's success, our thoughts and actions are always focused on our customers' needs. As a forward-looking company, we focus on long-term relationships - with our employees, partners and customers. To ensure this succeeds, we maintain an open dialog and an honest attitude toward others.

Fayrefield Foods Kundenzufriedenheit

Fayrefield Foods Qualität


We practice and deliver quality in each and every area of our work. The high demands we have to our raw materials and services make shore that we give our best at all times. We make no compromises, in order to always offer our customers the best possible product and service quality.


Sustainability matters to us, in our products just as much as in our operating processes and business relationships. This allows up to lower consumption of resources and increase the economic efficiency of Fayrefield Foods to healthy levels.

We take responsibility for our decisions and respect each other. As an employer and business partner, fair working conditions, equal opportunities and social standards are particularly important to us.

Careful use of natural resources and compliance with environmental guidelines are very important to us. Therefore, we take ecological guidelines into account and live this commitment as a role model for future generations.

Fayrefield Foods Nachhaltigkeit

Fayrefield Foods Tradition


Every member of our team contributes valuable experience. We bundle competencies to offer outstanding service and strengthen our network in cooperation.

Our development grows on stable roots. We are proud of our traditional values and self-confidently carry them into the future.


We have the courage and curiosity to tackle new ideas and technologies, in order to drive innovation and product development and always remain one step ahead of competition.

Fayrefield Foods Innovation